CJ Voices Cover Story on The Urban Rabbi

Thanks so much to CJ Voices for highlighting and celebrating the work of Beth Am and Reservoir Hill.  It’s a great honor to have our community featured on the cover of this national publication.  My sincere hope is that my experience in Baltimore may have some impact on similar and dissimilar communities around the world.  Whether you are urban or suburban, a shul, Hillel, day school or independent start-up, I believe we in Jewish communal life must all embrace and examine our Jewish particularism in relationship with the other.  Kol Hakavod to Michael Schulson for capturing our story so astutely and to the Conservative Moment for its desire to promote this type of Jewish work.

The shtetl of Eastern Europe is no more.  Self and society-imposed Jewish neighborhoods are increasingly a thing of the past.  These new challenges bring with them limitless opportunities.  May we all go from strength to strength!

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