three hundred bodies in (e)motion

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion stipulates that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Three hundred bodies, then, can make a forceful impact.  Particularly if they have motivating them what I might call an inertia of good will.  There is no rule that a mob must be a destructive force.  Sometimes, people can come together, inspired by a collective vision for the future and achieve what KaBOOM! founder Darell Hammond has called “cascading steps of courage.”  This past Thursday, there was no stopping the physical and emotional force of so many Reservoir Hill residents (including 100 walk-ins!) with volunteers from several wonderful organizations.  I am proud to say we had a good showing from our shul, and many Beth Am’ers were also out three days later for the playground’s grand-opening.

Mazel tov to us all!  If you are reading this from Baltimore, please consider yourself invited to German Park playground at Linden and Whitelock in historic Reservoir Hill. (Photo Credits: Howard P. Fink)

Several of our Beth Am volunteers
Building the swings
Dick Cass, Miriam Burg and Lainy Lebow-Sachs
Neighborhood kids with Poe and the Ravens Cheerleaders
I like the guy with the yarmulke!
Rabbi Miriam Burg speaks with Mayor and City Council President
Burg Family after an exhausting and inspiring day

Here are some links with media coverage:

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