A Different Sort of "Mitzvah Day"

Tomorrow, June 16th, approximately twenty-five Beth Am congregants (plus kids) will join over 300 volunteers from the neighborhood and the Baltimore Ravens to build a playground in a day. It’s going to be amazing! This is a story that transcends race, background and belief.  And yet, I believe there is still a compelling Jewish story to be told
Many American synagogues hold “mitzvah days” during which they reach out to other neighborhoods or organizations in need.  Or they (rightly) get involved in the civic affairs of their own generally more affluent and homogeneous communities.
In Reservoir Hill, a once “Jewish” and now diverse neighborhood, there is something quite unique happening.  We at Beth Am, along with other strong local institutions and so many proud residents of our community, are helping to create meaningful change on our front doorstep.  I am blessed to lead such a congregation and to live in such a community. 

This is what “mitzvah day” looks like in The New Jewish Neighborhood.  

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